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What is HiWatch CCTV?

What is HiWatch CCTV?

Whilst it’s still not exactly a household name, Hikvision is now established enough to be familiar to many people outside of the niche worlds of CCTV and security. Thanks in part to their aggressive funding for research & development, they are now firmly in place as the largest manufacturer of security cameras in the world, with their equipment used in everything from airports to arenas. However, Hikvision very specifically market their cameras towards installers and tradespeople, which can throw up frustrating barriers for DIY users who want to purchase and set up their own home systems. This is where their increasingly popular range of HiWatch CCTV equipment proves invaluable.

What is HiWatch?

HiWatch is the name given to Hikvision’s most cost effective range, specifically designed for home CCTV use, and by DIY installers. Most of Hikvision’s professional cameras are sold behind trade-only logins – and those that aren’t will be grey market models that they often remotely disable. HiWatch, on the other hand, is available for purchase by anyone, with no need to go behind a login for prices. This makes them absolutely ideal for securing your garden, house, or even your own small business property. Remember, though, the HiWatch range is only available from Hikvision’s Authorised Distributors – like SpyCameraCCTV!

HiWatch equipment is designed around the same high resolution imaging and analytics technology as Hikvision’s trade ranges. It does not, however, support the full range of smart features that these cameras boast. So if you specifically need your cameras to use features such as object removal, left luggage and intrusion detection, then you would still need to go for one of the more advanced models.

So just what is available in the HiWatch range? We have split it into two distinct product ranges, that use different imaging technologies:

  • Easy IP – These are IP cameras, that record digital video and send it down network cables. You can either view them directly via a PC or mobile device; or connect several to a network video recorder to store footage
  • Easy TVI – These use HD-TVI technology, to capture high definition video, then send it down a standard coaxial cable. They use twist fit BNC connectors, the same as most legacy CCTV systems, so are a great option if you want to upgrade an existing system without stripping out all of the cabling

Easy IP

Easy IP 2MP dome camera with 30m night vision

This is a great value camera, with the lens protected inside of a clear plastic dome. This makes it quite discreet, ideal for use in indoor spaces. Don’t let that fool you though, it’s still weatherproof, so can be installed outdoors. As with all of the Easy IP cameras, it runs using Power-over-Ethernet, so it can draw power from your network without needing a separate power supply (requires compatible switch or recorder).

Easy IP 2MP bullet camera with 30m night vision

This provides similar performance to the 30m dome, but houses the camera inside a compact bullet style casing. This is one of our most popular cameras for outdoor home security.

Easy IP 4MP dome camera with 30m night vision

In many ways this is identical to the 2MP dome listed above, however it uses an upgraded 4MP sensor, recording 2688 x 1520 resolution – that’s double the detail of 1080p! This is another versatile camera suitable for indoor or outdoor use, especially in sensitive areas that need detailed monitoring.

Easy IP 4MP bullet camera with motorised zoom

Again, this uses a high resolution 4MP sensor to record exceptional images. This model combines this with a motorised zoom lens, letting you remotely shift from a wide angle view of an entire scene, to a crop focussed on one area for extra detail. This is perfect for larger outdoor spaces.

Easy IP 8 channel CCTV NVR

The perfect accompaniment to an Easy IP security system, this recorder can work with up to 8x 2MP cameras, or 4x 4MP cameras.

Easy TVI

Easy TVI 1080p bullet camera with 20m night vision

Another really popular choice for home security, this plug and play bullet camera records in 1080p, and is weatherproofed for outdoor use. As with all Easy TVI cameras, it uses 4-in-1 technology, meaning it can work with HD-TVI, AHD, CVI and traditional analogue equipment. If it uses a BNC connection to record video, it will probably be compatible!

Easy TVI 1080p bullet camera with 40m night vision

This outdoor bullet camera is similar to the model listed above, but fitted with a more powerful infrared illuminator, capable of lighting subjects up to 40m away. This makes it a great solution for larger outdoor spaces

Easy TVI 4 channel DVR

This recorder is designed to work with up to 4 TVI cameras, making it a great option for a small home security system. You can install hard drives up to 6TB in size for extended recording times

Easy TVI 8 channel DVR

Similar to the model listed above, this is a great value CCTV recorder, capable of capturing footage from up to 8 cameras at a time in full 1080p HD.

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