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Discover Our Brand-New  Range of Gamut CCTV Cameras for Home and Shop Security

Discover Our Brand-New Range of Gamut CCTV Cameras for Home and Shop Security

Need to secure your home, garden furniture, your loved ones that may be vulnerable, or perhaps a café or shop? Are you determined to find excellent value but don’t want to miss out on proper quality? Sit back, relax, have an ice cream, and look no further, for we’ve got a perfect match in store for you. Explore our brand-new, revamped range of professional-grade Gamut CCTV cameras for home and shop security if you’re up for quick, easy and secure home, garden and commercial surveillance with simple setup, clear recordings and remote access.  

Gamut Knows Business

For over 10 years, Gamut cameras and recorders have been used by a wide base of tradesmen and installers, servicing the home, business and local government markets. To ensure reliable build and picture quality, all products are put through a rigorous testing process both in-house and in the field before they’re allowed to bear the Gamut badge. 

We’re really excited to launch our new range of coax (TVI) and IP CCTV equipment, all available on our website with free delivery.

If you need a space surely secured for great prices, we’ve got our selection of individual Gamut cameras to choose from, including: 

HD-TVI Cameras

Prefer an easy-peasy setup? Then the TVI type is your go-to camera. It’s a simple plug-and-play installation, just connect the camera to your recorder (DVR), and the DVR to either directly your router or plug it into to whichever monitor you want to watch your footage on. Generally speaking, you can send footage over a long distance, with cable connectivity up to 500m.  

If you choose to plug your recorder directly into your router, your camera is then connected with your network so you can watch recordings remotely. With this online access, you can view footage, watch live recordings and adjust your system from your smartphone, PC, and tablet on the go, wherever you go! A very welcome feature for when you want to go on holiday for example, and want to check up on how your home or corner shop is doing. From the comfort of your hammock. 

Our Gamut TVI CCTV cameras, capturing 2MP 1080p HD pin-sharp detail and boasting 30m night vision. They are available in bullet and turret form, and can be placed outside as well as they are placed in a sturdy, weatherproof IP66-rated casing. What’s more, these cameras are compatible with all major forms of coax CCTV technology, including TVI, AHD, CVI and CVBS.

Bullet or Turret? 

Gamut 2MP HD-TVI Bullet CCTV Camera 30m Night Vision

Bullet cameras have the benefit of the best flexible movement for recording in several positions. They are also clearly present, which may scare off potential burglars or tempted shop thieves.  

Gamut 2MP HD-TVI Turret CCTV Camera 30m Night Vision

Turret cameras also offer some flexible movement, are vandal proof, and tend to look a little bit more discreet than bullet cameras. Good for catching whatever may need catching! 

Not sure whether to choose an overt or more covert camera form, here is the main difference and considerations to make when you choose overt or covert. Have a chat with one of our camera experts. (They love having chats.) 

IP Cameras

Alternatively, you could go for our IP cameras, which are connected via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). They are sure to give a strong, steady transmission so you won’t miss a thing. 

The IP recorders (NVRs) can be plugged straight into your router as well so you can access them online. Plus, they’re equipped with the latest H.265 video compression technology, letting you store more and better quality recordings over the same storage space, handy for when you’re recording over a longer period, say when you’re in your holiday hammock and just want to spend all summer there.

They are also available in completely weatherproof bullet and turret forms. Especially handy what with our beloved British weather!  

Gamut IP CCTV Camera 30m Night Vision 2MP 5 MP Offers 

Within the IP range, you can choose from pin-sharp 2MP detail to 5MP and even up to a booming crystal-clear 8MP!

4K resolution (8MP) is perfect for when you have a large area to cover and want to be able to zoom in down to the furthest little corners of your pub, shop or backyard for example. 

DVRs and NVRs

What else do you need to record? That’s right, a recorder

For the HD-TVI cameras, you can choose our new Gamut DVR. We have a 4-channel and an 8-channel recorder available, depending on how many cameras you want to connect. 

Gamut 4-Channel 4-in-1 HD CCTV DVR

The DVRs boast
4-in-1 compatibility, online access, H.265 video compression, and a storage capacity of up to 6GB. They can also connect an additional two to four IP cameras if need be. Here is more on what this 4-in-1 compatibility is all about.

As for the IP cameras, you can choose between a 4-channel and an 8-channel NVR. These recorders allow you to store up to 8TB, also offer online access, H.265 video compression, and you can live-view one 4K camera at a time in full resolution. 

As with all our recorders in this range, both DVR and NVR, you can customise your CCTV for home and shop security even more by choosing a hard drive when you place your order. Just click on the drop-down menu on the listing page.    

CCTV Camera Kits

Usually, one or two cameras are plenty when you want to secure your house or small shop. If you have a larger shop though, or restaurant ..or perhaps a massive mansion, it definitely pays off to invest in at least four cameras, depending on the size of your property. For the largest of trade or commercial operations, we know from experience that eight cameras will provide ideal surveillance coverage. That way you can rest assured each space will be covered, especially the dodgier hidy bits!   

So you may have a larger area you want to keep a watchful eye over, and probably also like a bit of convenience. Say no more – we’ve created multiple-camera kits for you! Depending on the size and demands of your surveillance project, we’ve selected the following affordable, high-quality packages for you to choose from: 


For our Gamut TVI CCTV, you can choose a full system with four or eight 2MP bullet or turret cameras with 30m night vision, a 4-channel or 8-channel DVR, and optional additional junction boxes, a hard drive and remote setup. 

Gamut 4 Or 8 Camera Bullet Or Turret + DVR CCTV Systems

IP CCTV Systems

Moving on to our Gamut IP range, we have a broad range of systems available. You can choose between selections with variations such as 4 or 8 cameras, bullets or turrets, TVI and DVR or IP and NVR, additional options, and ranging from pin-sharp detailed 2MP recording resolution to 5MP and all the way up to 8MP 4K! 

Gamut 2MP, 5MP, 8MP Bullet and Turret Cameras + NVR Systems

..So much to choose from! Like ice cream flavours in an Italian gelateria

Super Setup Service 

And like nice ice creams are even better when topped with some scrummy sprinkles or shiny chocolate sauce, we’ll also top up these offers with a royal dose of ease: if you choose our Silver or Gold remote setup service, we will take care of your ice ..ahem, network setup for you! No, don’t get up, (well, after you’ve installed the physical equipment first you do need to do that yourself), you just let us remotely set up the network settings for you, and you enjoy your gelato. Have a second one on us. 

Remote CCTV Setup Service

Chat With Us! 

Not sure which offer suits you best? Get in touch with our marvellous matchmakers. Our sales advisers know CCTV, retail and home security inside out. This friendly bunch welcomes any question, always happy to discuss options with you. Give us a ring, drop an email, or pop in for a cuppa! Some days, we might even have ice cream to share!   

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