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Digital Wireless Foaling Farm Camera Kit Long Range 300m with Audio

  • Specialised Horse Foaling Camera kit with 300m Wireless range
  • Weather Resistant CCTV camera perfect for Outdoor use
  • High Resolution SONY CCD records 650TV lines in full colour
  • Powerful infrared LEDs provide up to 15m of Night Vision
  • Digital Wireless transmitters ensure interference free picture
  • Perfect for livestock breeding or watching wildlife
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7dBi Omni Directional High Gain Wireless Antenna for 2.4GHz AV Senders

  • High gain wireless antenna for transmitters and receivers
  • Omni-directional - no need to precisely aim antenna.
  • 7dBi antenna has magnetic base and SMA connector.
  • Extend the range of your CCTV camera transmitter.
  • Use 7dBi hi-gain antenna to boost WiFi router range.
  • One high gain 7dBi antenna doubles wireless range.
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Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless CCTV Video and Audio Transmitter and Receiver

  • Digital 2.4GHz AV sender transmitter and receiver
  • Interference free, secure wireless CCTV transmission
  • Use this AV sender with with any CCTV security camera
  • Up to 100m wireless signal range in a clear line of sight
  • Dual AV outputs allow use of a monitor and recorder
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4 Cam 300m Long Range Wireless CCTV Quad System 15m IR Farm Security

  • Digital Wireless system allows interference free transmission!
  • System includes 4 Security Cameras with 15m IR Night Vision
  • Weather Resistant Cameras record 650TV Lines
  • 1 Security Camera features microphone for audio recording
  • Transmit video over an unobstructed distance of 300m!
  • Switch between camera channels from the comfort of your sofa!
  • Save over 10 percent with this amazing package deal!
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  • SAVE £69.11 £391.64 Inc. VAT
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30m IR 4 Camera 300m Digital Wireless CCTV System, 500GB Hikvision DVR

  • 4 x Camera package with 400m Wireless Range
  • CCTV Cameras with 36 IR LEDs for 30m night vision
  • High Quality Sony CCD camera with 650 TV Lines
  • 500Gb Internet enabled Hikvision DVR with iPhone support
  • IP66 rated weather proof and Vandal-proof camera
  • UK Legal Digital 2.4Ghz Frequency with upgraded aerials
  • SAVE OVER 17% with this all inclusive package!
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  • SAVE £218.08 £1028.09 Inc. VAT
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15m IR 4 Camera 300m Digital Wireless CCTV System, 500GB Hikvision DVR

  • Includes 4 Outdoor Night Vision security cameras
  • Each camera has it's own Wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Digital Wireless transmitters help ensure a clean signal
  • High Gain Antennae provide up to a massive 300m range!
  • Waterproof Cameras record at 650TVL resolution
  • Kit includes 500GB Hikvision CCTV DVR
  • Save over 15 percent with this great value system!
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  • SAVE £160.65 £910.32 Inc. VAT
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4 Camera 300m Digital Wireless Farm Security Kit w 500GB Hikvision DVR

  • 4 Wired CCTV cameras complete with recorder and transmitter
  • One Wireless Transmitter connects to recorder- Great Value!
  • Digital Wireless system provides massive range- up to 300m!
  • Outdoor CCTV cameras record 650TVL of detail
  • One Camera features Microphone for audio recording
  • 500GB Hikvision Motion Detection DVR with control via wireless
  • Fantastic value system saves you over 11 percent!
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  • SAVE £90.42 £512.35 Inc. VAT
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Outdoor Digital Wireless CCTV Video Transmitter Receiver w PTZ Control

  • 2.4GHz Digital Wireless kit with transmitter and receiver
  • Transmit Video up to a maximum of 100m
  • Waterproof transmitter for outdoor use
  • Sends remote controls to Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • Digital Wireless greatly reduces risk of interference
  • Encrypted transmission helps keep your system secure
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  • SAVE £37.35 £211.65 Inc. VAT
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12dB 2.4GHz Directional High Gain Antenna with 1m Cable and Adaptors

  • Directional high gain booster antenna for wireless CCTV
  • Sends signal in a 65 Degree wide beam
  • Fitted onto adjustable bracket for mounting on a pole
  • Massively increases the range of wireless CCTV
  • Use on it's own or paired with a second antenna
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  • SAVE £7.25 £41.08 Inc. VAT

2.4GHz Digital Wireless AV Transmitter Receiver w/ IR Remote Repeater

  • Digital wireless AV transmitter and receiver kit, ideal for CCTV
  • Transmits audio and video up to 100m in clear line of sight
  • IR Remote repeater set lets you transmit remote control signals
  • Digital transmission greatly reduces signal interference
  • Two video outputs allows use of monitor and recorder
  • Compatible with our high gain antennae
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2.4GHz Waterproof Digital Wireless AV CCTV Transmitter & Receiver Kit

  • 2.4GHz Digital Wireless transmitter and receiver for CCTV
  • Sends audio and video distances up to 100m
  • IP66 waterproof housings on both transmitter and receiver
  • Loop through video allows use of a monitor at the transmitter
  • Digital wireless transmission improves signal quality
  • Paired devices helps keep your CCTV secure
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Long Range Wireless CCTV Systems

As wireless CCTV becomes more popular our range of wireless CCTV systems has dramatically increased. Whether you are looking for a system for your home, farm, business, shop or warehouse we have a multitude of long range wireless CCTV systems to suit. All of our cameras will connect directly to any of our Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) which will enable you to record even though your infrared camera is situated 100's of meters away.

All of our long range wireless CCTV equipment such as infrared cameras, CCD cameras & other spy gear can be connected directly to a DVR which will enable you to record by schedule, motion detection or a mixture of both. This is especially valuable with our covert surveillance kit as you can record more of what you want and less of more mundane video footage. High gain antennae's can be added to many of our transmitters or the wireless receivers to increase the range even further - ideal for farming kits which need to send a signal from a barn to the house.

Adding an antenna to both the high power AV transmitter and receiver can further increase the range tenfold. When connecting one of our spy gadgets the audio option can be as useful as the video as you can't always foresee where the action is going to happen so an audio commentary can still provide you with enough evidence.

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